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"Catherine, I meant to email you last night but I was so tired! (From lying on your lovely bench watching the ducks – lol).
Thank you so much again for seeing my daughter. She told me in the car that she got much more out of yesterday than she did with any doctor/therapist/book.

We are so grateful to you. And you said so many things to her that I have (let go of the guilt/anger etc.), but that  means much more coming from someone other than her mother.

I love your home – Raven’s Ridge. It is a beautiful place to start with and then you have done so many wonderful renovations. I can’t believe you are also so involved in the horticultural societies too. Do you ever sleep?

Again – through this whole ordeal for K – you are the shining light for both of us.
Thank you. With gratitude and love."
~ SL

"Entering the property of Ravens Ridge prompts an exhale.


It is a sanctuary where all elements welcome you. Whether spending time by the pond watching the resident mallards or walking purposefully with intent the 7 circuit Labyrinth, winding ones thoughts inward to ones centre and releasing them back out, or finding ones way in the magic of the Medicine Wheel, Ravens Ridge is the place to "just be”.


Gratitude to Catherine, the guardian of Ravens Ridge, for her vision and passion to share."

~ JR



“Ravens Ridge is the sanctuary of serenity! From the moment you place your first step on the property at the gate, all your worries, fears & every day stresses just melt away. As if that was not enough, you can find more peace, serenity, guidance and much more when you take your mindful stroll through the labyrinth or in the medicine wheel. The landscaping is beautifully upkept, not a plant forgotten about is a thing of beauty.... thank you, thank you, thank you Catherine for being the guardian of these holistic grounds!”

~ AJ



"What a beautiful peaceful area. The flowers and plants are magnificent. The labyrinth and medicine wheel is incredible to see and participate in. The whole experience is unbelievable."

~ DK


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8 Lakewood Court, Oro-Medonte, ON

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